Starting the Family Conversation

Here's a Question

  • 357 questions designed to encourage great family conversations
  • Each question is accompanied by a fun and creative illustration
  • Great for dinnertime, road trips, bedtime or anytime you want to start great conversations
  • Engage your children with a combination of fun, silly questions as well as thought provoking topics.
  • Watch your children get comfortable with daily conversations!
  • Appropriate for ages 5+

Here’s a Question: Starting The Family Conversation is an easy way to get your kids talking and participating in great conversations. Engaging question are paired with fun and clever drawings that get kids and families participating in meaningful discussion. Questions like:

  • “What puts you in a good mood?”
  • “What is one thing you wish could unsee?”
  • “What would life be like if people didn’t have consequences to their actions?”

These questions will allow your children to slowly drop their guard and participate in conversations that can create real life impact. Start your family conversation today!


Product Details
Pages: 363
Size: 5x7
Weight: 13oz