Our Team...What we're made of

Nestled in the great state of Georgia, we have assembled some of the brightest talent in the county. Our staff is ready to take care of you each step of the way. Each of our team members has proven to be competent and courageous and they are here because they love what they do.


Job: Lead Question Asker Amelia dreams of a day when all her questions can be answered. As a young toddler her mind was filled with questions like “In the old days, was everyone in black and white?” or “Where do thoughts come from?”. Today, Amelia often lies around on a picnic blanket dreaming up imaginative questions hoping to find answers.


Job: Director of Order Efficiency Charlie knew he had a knack for fulfillment when he inherited a paper route from his brother in small town Middlebury, Vermont. After carefully calculating the traffic patterns and adjusting for angry school crossing guards, Charlie completed the route in ½ the time anyone thought possible. At age 10, he dedicated his life to 100% efficiency.

Sgt. Hutch

Job: Product Development Sgt. Hutch, formerly an engineer in the 75th infantry of the US Army, has never met a product he couldn’t design or make better. Originally from Clinton, Oklahoma you will often find him sitting for hours on the plains in his think tank developing the next breakthrough product.


Job: Director of Customer Glee Estelle has been serving customers since she was a gum smackin’ order taker at the local Tastee Freeze in Leeds, Alabama. Estelle never misses the opportunity to make her folks happy and provides them with the best experience possible.