Can a 5k bring your family closer?

by Scott Bowen June 30, 2016

Can a 5k bring your family closer?

Next week we celebrate the birth of our country, but, personally, I am celebrating the birth of something that has become a significant activity for our whole family.

 It was a couple of days before July 4th and, on a whim, my wife and I asked our daughter (age 10 at the time) if she would be up for running a 5k.

I like to consider myself as an active person but I had never liked running and I had never run in a 5k. In fact, a couple of days before the race, I got in my car, mapped out 3.1 miles and I ran the route just to see if I could make the whole distance. I made it, but just barely.

So on July 4th, we got into our car and headed to the adjacent town to run. About 2 miles into the race it started raining hard. We were soaking wet, but we all finished and had fun in the process.

My daughter really loved the race so we signed up for another race a few weeks later. Being as competitive as we are, I told her we needed to set a time goal to see if we could beat it. We not only beat our goal by 2 minutes, she also won 2nd place in her age division. We were shocked and excited all at the same time.

So now with a newly burning fire, our family has been driving all over town running races and having a blast doing them. It has really been a connecting point for us and we now run 2-3x per week together giving us some great 1 on 1 time. The hard part is keeping up with her!

What I didn’t know was how making the decision to run in this race would change me and my daughter and bring us closer in the process.

Why we think 5k’s are so great:

  • The atmosphere is high energy and fun
  • You feel great after running and crossing the finish line
  • Races are usually early Saturday mornings and they are usually on time and quick
  • Running consistently is healthy and good for you
  • Almost any age can race and the whole family can participate

You never know how one spontaneous decision made on a whim can create momentum with your kids. So here’s a question…

Can running a 5k this 4th of July spark a connection between you and your child or spouse?

If not running? What is something else you can try?

Scott Bowen
Scott Bowen


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