5 ways I was wrong about a trampoline

by Scott Bowen June 13, 2016

5 ways I was wrong about a trampoline

For years I resisted the idea to purchase a trampoline for our kids and for our home. I had a lot of practical reasons why this would not be a good purchase for our family. First and top of the list was it was too expensive. I thought this was another great idea for a Christmas gift but one that would never get used. I had visions of the tree house that we spent a lot of money and hard work to build only to sit vacant through the years.

When I grew up, we never had a trampoline, and the friends that did have one they were old, rusty and dangerous at best. So I had never had much interest in having one of these as an eyesore in my yard.

 For years the kids (and at times my wife) persisted in asking for us to consider purchasing a trampoline. So after doing some research and finding a pretty cool one that won’t rust and wasn’t dangerous, I gave in and we bought one.

 I will have to say that I have been really amazed at the results. Not only do the kids use it almost everyday, I found there are a number of other benefits I never expected as well.

Here are the top 5 benefits we’ve found in owning a trampoline. And then I added 1 more!

  1. Hours of play- Our kids like to be outside and play, but not until we purchased a trampoline did we have to call them in after hours of playing
  2. Creativity! I am amazed at all the fun, creative games and activities the kids have made up and play wile on the trampoline
  3. Sleeping and Camping. We’ve had some great nights throwing a tarp over the trampoline and sleeping out under the stars. Makes for some great memories!
  4. Gets their energy out…Have you tried to jump on a trampoline for more than 30 mins? It’s quite a workout. Not only are the kids getting great exercise, they are getting all that pent up energy out for a more relaxing evening for the adults!
  5. If you have a child who lacks in handwriting and other fine motor skills, jumping on a trampoline can build core strength and build muscles that will improve handwriting among other things
  6. Parents can play too! One of the kids’ favorite things is when I get on the trampoline and bounce them to the moon! There are also games they’ve made up or taken from others that are fun for adults to play too. Not only will you get some exercise, you will be bonding and creating memories with the kids.

So even though I am a man, I can admit (this one time) that I was wrong. What I once thought would be a terrible idea, turned out to be a great benefit to our kids and an asset to our family!

Scott Bowen
Scott Bowen


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